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This is the Thomas directory listing which published our press release of the new Lean ERP System Software. This powerful software is designed to increase inventory efficiency for Lean Manufacturers up to seven times. It uses Lean concepts to achieve this in manufacturing environments. Case studies have shown some manufacturers achieving annual inventory turns up to about 21.
Weber Systems Inc

This is the web-site of the publishers of the Access Your Biz Lean edition which is featured on this web-site.
Krause Consultants

Robert Krause, Lean Consultant, with 30 years of experience in software development, implementations and managing shop floor manufacturing. Accomplishments include implementing Kanban controlled inventory increasing inventory turns from 3 to 20 and freeing up working capital.
Access Your Biz

This web-site showcases other products that are compatible with our Lean software solutions. These include Windows Mobile Edition, Consolidated Ledger, Access Your Biz Integrity Monitor and more.
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