No More Lost Kanban Cards                  with Wireless Kanban!
Lean Software Solutions
As of January 25, 2012
Lean ERP System (LES) Software 11.0 Price
No Kanban Cards (NKC) Replenishment System
(No Kanban Cards)
Lean ERP System (LES) Software 11.0 - SQL Edition Price
Lean ERP System (LES) Software
1 - 3 Users

Lean ERP System (LES) Software
4 - 6 Users
Lean ERP System (LES) Software
7 - 9 Users
Lean ERP System (LES) Software
10+ Users
Each Additional User over 10
Lean ERP System (LES) Software Add-Ons
Consolidated General Ledger
(consolidates financials for up to 5 separate companies)

Lean ERP System (LES) Software Integrity Monitor, 3 tier backup, automatic repair/compact, e-mail alerts and more.
Additional Company License
(for related companies only)

AYB PC Charge Module
(This is needed in order to use AYB with PC Charge.)
ECommerce AYB
(Lean ERP System (LES) Software for web commerce sites)

AYB Pocket PC Module
(For pocket pc order entry.)
Service and Support
E-Mail Support – First 90 Days
1 Hour Support Pack
2 Hours Support Pack
4 Hours Support Pack
8 Hours Support Pack
Modifications and Enhancements – Priced per job

Hardware for Lean ERP System (LES) Software
Bar Code Scanners For Lean Edition
(Min. of Two Suggested @ $1200 ea)

Scanner Software For Lean Edition
(Min. of Two Suggested @ $300 ea)


Return Policy
90 day refund for all unregistered users of Lean ERP System (LES) Software. No returns are offered on any other products or services. 

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